I've been invited to produce an exciting piece for Tensile Strength, http://sculpturemonthhouston.org/tensile-strength/ a fantastic sculpture exhibition at The Houston Silos presented by Sculpture Month Houston


October 21 - December 2, 2017


Title: "Uprising"

 When I initially entered one of the silos, I was struck by the compelling ambience of the space. Because of its cylindrical structure, reverberant sound echoes bounced smoothly off of its curved walls and seemed to rise upward. I became inspired to explore this rich sonic atmosphere in a creative way. What came to mind was to retune a piano harp's strings to the resonant frequencies of the silo's architecture. Then, by sustaining those strings with rapidly spinning motors, allow the harp to erupt into rich harmonic outbursts that could resonate with the ambience of the silo. For variety, and a sense of poetic and cultural juxtaposition, I envisioned a robot arm slowly sweeping over the strings and progressively activating the evolving string overtones. 


Nightmare on Flores Street 

For one night only, October 27, 2017, 1906 will host Nightmare on Flores Street, where the UTSA New Media Collective will exhibit and perform.

 Nightmare on Flores Street will introduce never-before-seen, Halloween-inspired interdisciplinary artworks from UTSA Graduate satirists. These site-specific, interdisciplinary works will include:  spooky installation, horrifying ensembles, conflicted solo performances, and faith questioning sound art.

 Event name:        Nightmare on Flores Street

 When:                     Friday October 27, 7-10pm

 Where:                  1906 S. Flores Street, San Antonio, TX 78204

 Cost:                         Free