Waiting to enter "Traffic Jam" at the Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX, to perform "Maiden Voyage" with the Piano Car.
Piano Car exhibited at the  XVII Biennial UTSA Art Faculty Exhibition, UTSA Gallery, San Antonio,  TX.
Piano Car under construction, with design and fabrication assistance from Greg Elliott.

Maiden Voyage (featuring the Piano Car). 2015. The Piano Car was funded by a commission from Steve Parker for "Traffic Jam," a multi-artist event produced for the Fusebox Festival 2015 in Austin, TX.


The composition for Maiden Voyage was based on an obstacle course made of a variety of materials and objects. When driven over, each material (wood, fabric, metal, ceramic, etc.) and object (glassware, toys, dinnerware, etc.) shook and resonated the harp in its own specific way, resulting in distinctive sounds from the harp.


The composition strategy was one of arranging the materials sequentially on the pavement so the objects created an intentional sonic progression over time. To further activate the strings, metal chains and Dremel tools were hung from the top of the welded metal structure that was built above the harp.


Essential welding, design, and fabrication support by the amazing Greg Elliott.