Music for Found Piano Harp and Strings is an experimental sound, visual, and orchestral composition involving a piano harp and 28 string players. It was performed by Outlier and the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, with string orchestration by Tom Hagerman from the internationally renowned band DeVotchKa

Slobber. Video performance by Outlier (Mark McCoin and Max Bernstein) 2012


Piano harp performance and multimedia works

Mark McCoin and Max Bernstein 


2011- Present


Beginning in late 2011, Mark McCoin and Max Bernstein began experimenting with the sonic potentials of piano harps as aural landscape and orchestra. Combining a mixture of unorthodox methods and custom noise-makers, the two establish an athletic and dynamic experience, which happily exists in many contexts. Borrowing from music, sound, visual art, and performance traditions, this collaboration liberates itself from any one discipline in order to exist as its own animal.