Vox Organa (Preverbal Stories)

Voice and Movement Performance

Gabriel Todd: Performer

07 min 43 sec


Can a body organ or system contain accessible bio-energetic information about it's current state and history? If so, can it feed that information back in an understandable language? Through expressive vocal soundings sourced from specific organs and body systems, this ongoing practice examines how individual body areas hold and express their own cellular memories.  

Gabriel Todd and I collaborated to manifest this idea into a body practice. The next step was to make it a performable act.


_Nathan Wheeler: Tech Director

_Robert Shannon: Light design

_Autumn Bjugstad: Light operator

_Liza Williams: Set design

_Markas Henry: Costume

_David Quint (jib camera): Video director

_KT!, Brett Mann, Damon Mohl: Camera operators.