"Invasion 2012" was a collaborative performance that combined New Directions in Digital Art and Mark Amerika's Remix Culture class. The performance took place in the Atlas Theater, Boulder, Colorado.

"Newton" Interdiscplinary sound and moving image performance. Mark Banzhoff, Melanie Clemmons, Ryan Ruehlen, and Zak Loyd.
Electro-acoustic sound work by Jiffer Harriman using MaxMSP, Touch OSC, and transducers attached to instruments and objects. Performed by Jiffer Harriman, Ryan Reuhlen, Julie Rooney, and Mark McCoin.
University of Colorado, Boulder

Art & Art History Program


ARTS 4176/5176 New Directions in Digital Art

Fall 2012

About the Class

New Directions in Digital Art is a student driven, performance based, digital multi-media laboratory. Students explore integrated live digital sound and video performance, performance art with technology, movement, sculpture, and/or any form of time/space based creativity they would like to explore in an experimental and interdisciplinary manner. Studies include live improvisational collaborations, assigned class performances, digital production software studies, live, off campus performances, and studies in documentation techniques.