"Uprising" was produced for the group show, "Tensile Strength" at the Houston Silos for Sculpture Month Houston. Thanks to  Wanderlust Ironworks, Trey Duvall, Nathan Wheeler, Volker Eisele, Ken Little, The Labatt Endowment, and UTSA Department of Art.


Because of the cylindrical structure of the silo, reverberant sound echoes bounced smoothly off of its curved walls and seemed to rise upward. What came to mind was to retune a piano harp's strings to the resonant frequencies of the silo's architecture. By sustaining those strings with rapidly spinning motors, the harp could erupt into rich harmonic outbursts that would resonate with the ambience of the silo. 


"But one of my favorites was Mark McCoin, who had a (again) motion-activated sound piece which involved vibrating tools against what looked like the guts of a piano just the string part under the hood, but hung vertically. I liked how that riffed on experimental music, chance, and of course the viewer participation. Also it was just a cool noise in that space."

Glasstire, "A Conversation About Art and the Silos on Sawyer"