Performance with prerecorded video and audio

10 min 43 sec



Mark performs a live, interactive duet with projected video hands on a 4 piece drum and video screen sculpture instrument. Each round drum surface is also a video screen, that hosts a discrete movie and soundtrack. The 4 channels of video/audio are synchronized with Qlab media management software.


_Priscilla Cohen and McCoin: Drum sculpture design

_Priscilla Cohen: Drum sculpture fabrication 

_McCoin: Video content

_Nathan Wheeler: Tech Director

_David Willey and Farrell Lowe: Improvised electronic sound score

_Robert Shannon: Light design

_Autumn Bjugstad: Light operator 

_Liza Williams: Set design

_Markas Henry: Costumes

_David Quint (jib camera): Video director

_KT!, Brett Mann, Damon Mohl: Camera operators.