Drum/video screen sculpture with projected video and performer McCoin's hands.
McCoin performing "Entrainment."
Drum/Screen sculpture, designed by Priscilla Cohen and McCoin, fabricated by Cohen.
In production with David Quint, KT!, and Bret Mann.


Performance with prerecorded video and audio

10 min 43 sec



Mark performs a live, interactive duet with projected video hands on a 4 piece drum and video screen sculpture instrument. Each round drum surface is also a video screen, that hosts a discrete movie and soundtrack. The 4 channels of video/audio are synchronized with Qlab media management software.


_Priscilla Cohen and McCoin: Drum sculpture design

_Priscilla Cohen: Drum sculpture fabrication 

_McCoin: Video content

_Nathan Wheeler: Tech Director

_David Willey and Farrell Lowe: Improvised electronic sound score

_Robert Shannon: Light design

_Autumn Bjugstad: Light operator 

_Liza Williams: Set design

_Markas Henry: Costumes

_David Quint (jib camera): Video director

_KT!, Brett Mann, Damon Mohl: Camera operators.